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Feel Safe, Restore, Reconnect

Specialists in Trauma, Anxiety, Depression.

Working with the Mind and Body

Trusted Counselling Professionals

As human beings we strive towards connection, understanding and growth. Our world is shaped by our deep desire to be known, seen and recognised. 


We strive to come into contact with the parts of ourselves that are frozen, stuck or isolated in our suffering. Thwarted by deprivation, neglect, trauma or loss, the more profound and painful our longing to connect becomes. We all have a fundamental desire to grow and to heal. 


FYF provide a positive, responsive and safe therapeutic relationship, focusing on the mind and body responses to trauma, which naturally produces chemicals and hormones, enhancing our ability to regulate our emotions, stress and neural firing. Thus promoting a change in feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness or a general malaise and link us to a path towards greater peace and inner fulfilment.


At FYF we work together by looking at how past events and relationships can affect how you think, feel and act. Noticing and questioning the somatic experiences of the body in the here and now. Helping to build up self esteem and providing a resilience to life's environmental influences. With different techniques like guided visualization or mindful meditation, allowing a compassionate steady stream of ssunshine flowing down into the body, bringing with it a sense of warmth space and ease; flushing out any tension stored in the body. Utilising flash, rewind or emotional focused therapy your mind and body will feel rejuvenated and you will begin to thrive instead of survive.  The benefits of the compassion focused therapy and existential questioning begins with taking the first step towards understanding your core attitudes, beliefs and recurrent emotions, patterns of thinking, behaviour, personality and interpersonal relationships.

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When things change inside you,things change around you

About us

We are fully qualified and Bacp registered counsellors in Integrative Counselling. This qualification enables us to integrate different approaches to best suit you. We allow the unique relationship to influence the therapy. With client lead person centred practice at our core, we offer a rich and spiritual experience from  the Jungian analytical approach through to psychodynamic theory, supporting you in understanding the effects of your past on your present and getting in touch with your felt sense.

We are specialist trauma therapists fully Bacp registered and qualified in Somatic Informed Therapy. This is cutting edge trauma research and practice within the growing field of post traumatic growth and somatic psychology.

We are Bacp qualified breathwork coaches and substance misuse counsellors.

We understand that talking about traumatic experiences can be difficult... We are professionally trained to guide you safely through your recovery. 

What Can We Offer You

Individually assessed sessions. We have experience of working with complex trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, OCD, physical and emotional disregulations and a range of mental health issues.​We have aperson centredapproach putting your needs first, offering a safe space to build a strong trusting therapeutic relationship. Some examples of additional tools for emotional well being are:​Breathwork coaching, EFT, Flash Technique, Inclusive psychoeducation,REBT, CBT and the Rewind Technique.​

To experience conflicts knowingly, though it may be distressing, can be an invaluable asset. The more we face our own conflicts and seek out our own solutions, the more inner freedom and strength we will gain. Only when we are willing to bear the brunt can we approximate the ideal of being the captain of our ship. Spurious tranquillity rooted in inner dullness is anything but enviable. It is bound to make us weak and an easy prey to any kind of influence.

Karen Horney

Old Pier

Breathwork,Counselling and Trauma informed Sessions

Sessions are £65.00 for 50 minutes. 

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Sessions are currently offered online or via telephone. In person and walk and talk therapy.

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Phone 07941317890/07850582573

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